The Missouri School Age Community Coalition was originally formed as the Missouri School Age Care Coalition on November 20, 1992.

“Drawing together a diverse group of SAC professionals from Missouri and Kansas for the purpose of coalition-building, the National School Age Child Care Alliance presented a training seminar at Penn Valley Community College in October 1992. As a result of this workshop, the Missouri SAC Task Force was convened and, in November 1992, at the Missouri School Age Child Care Institute, a coalition initiative was undertaken. With the adoption of a Mission Statement and the election of officers in January 1993, the Missouri School Age Care Coalition became a reality.” — Quote from Membership Brochure – circa 1995

From 1992-1997 the mission statement was:

The Missouri School Age Care Coalition will serve as an advocate to improve and expand the quality, availability, and professional status of School Age Child Care statewide, through the promotion of:

  • Training/Professional Development
  • Public Awareness
  • Legislative Process
  • Community Collaboration
  • Networking

As part of a Strategic Planning Session, the following was adopted in 1997:

The Mission of the Missouri School Age Care Coalition is to support and unify professionals in providing quality out of school programs.

In 2005, MOSAC2 changed their name to the Missouri School Age Community Coalition.

In 2015, the Missouri School Age Community Coalition’s (MOSAC2) Board of Directors and the Missouri AfterSchool Network’s (MASN) Steering Committee merged to form a new statewide Afterschool Leadership Team.  The MOSAC2 Professional Development Institute (PDI) continues to be planned by a volunteer committee with support by MASN staff members.

For more information about the Afterschool Leadership Team or the Missouri AfterSchool Network, please visit www.moafterschool.org.