About Us

In 2015, the Missouri School age Community Coalition’s (MOSAC2) Board of Directors and the Missouri AfterSchool Network’s (MASN) Steering Committee merged to form a new statewide Afterschool Leadership Team.  As a result of the merger, the Afterschool Leadership Team has oversight of the annual Missouri School Age Conference.  MOSAC is planned by a volunteer committee, supported by MASN staff members.  Everyone who registers for MOSAC automatically receives a complementary membership to the National Afterschool Association.

Originally known as the Missouri School Age Care Coalition, and later changed to the Missouri School Age Community Coalition, the MOSAC2 Professional Development Institute (PDI) has long provided professional development and networking opportunities for afterschool professionals. The year 2023 will bring the 30th gathering of the only afterschool specific conference in Missouri and, with that milestone, there will also be a subtle name change.

Starting in 2023, the gathering will be known as the Missouri School Age Conference (MOSAC). After MOSAC2 merged with the Missouri Afterschool Network (MASN) in 2015, the conference has continued to grow and has become an integral part of the work to raise quality in afterschool programming in Missouri. The MOSAC name has come to be synonymous with the annual conference and it is fitting that the slight name change will continue to pay homage to the original acronym.

For more information about the Afterschool Leadership Team or the Missouri AfterSchool Network, please visit www.moafterschool.org.