About Us

In 2015, the Missouri School age Community Coalition’s (MOSAC2) Board of Directors and the Missouri AfterSchool Network’s (MASN) Steering Committee merged to form a new statewide Afterschool Leadership Team.

As a result of the merger, the Afterschool Leadership Team has oversight of the annual MOSAC2 Professional Development Institute (PDI).  The MOSAC2 PDI is planned by a volunteer committee, supported by MASN staff members.

The 2019 MOSAC2 PDI Planning Committee members include:

2019 MOSAC2 PDI Planning Committee Chair

  • Jana Ramsey

Marketing and Publicity

  • Leanne Cantu
  • Afterschool Leadership Team members


  • Brad Lademann
  • Tyler Kearns

Wow & Pizzazz – Evening Fun

  • Kayla Bachman
  • Parkway-Rockwood Adventure Club

Wow & Pizzazz – Decorations

Wow & Pizzazz – Daytime Fun

  • Chrissy Poertner
  • Parkway-Rockwood Adventure Club


  • Mallory Russell

Silent Auction

  • Ginny Graf
  • Eldon LEAP

Pre-conferences/Afterschool Leadership Academy

  • Cassie Hackett
  • Tyler Kearns


  • Leigh Ann Clayton

Celebration Luncheon

  • Mark Cowsert

Sights and Sounds

AV Equipment

Other Members

  • Terri Foulkes
  • Anne Reeder


For more information about the Afterschool Leadership Team or the Missouri AfterSchool Network, please visit www.moafterschool.org.