Thank you for your interest in the 2021 MOSAC2 PDI Planning Committee.  The MOSAC2 Planning Committee meets monthly via Zoom conference calls throughout the year, with biweekly calls during the fall right before the conference.

You may volunteer as an individual or as a team (e.g., afterschool program).  Some committees such as the Wow & Pizzazz committees (Daytime Fun, Evening Fun, Decorations) are great opportunities for a team of program staff members to work together.

Conference sub-committee chairs will receive a complementary registration as a “thank you” for helping to plan and carry out the conference.

See below for a list of sub-committees.  Use this link to indicate your interest in participating on the 2021 PDI Planning Committee.



  • Theme
    • Select conference theme
    • Work with marketing committee to approve conference logo
  • Hospitality
    • Participant and presenter gifts (swag bags)
    • Conference Committee identification (shirts? other?)
    • Prepare goody bags for participants 
    • Select menu (except social and exhibitor break)
  • Workshops
    • Select keynotes(s) 
  • Sponsorship
    • Recruit conference sponsors
  • Signage
    • Decide what signs are needed in hotel and for specific committee activities



Sub-Committee Responsibilities:

  1. Ensure sufficient volunteers to distribute and collect AV equipment each day
  2. Ensure sufficient volunteers for registration pick-up table 
  3. Ensure volunteer facilitators for each conference workshop
  4. Work with other committees to determine their volunteer needs (some may arrange their own volunteers) and help recruit volunteers as needed
  5. Confirmation letters sent to volunteers with instructions prior to conference
  6. Select thank you gift for volunteers
  7. Prepare volunteer packets (facilitators with workshop evaluations)
  8. Distribute and collect iPads from facilitators



Sub-Committee Responsibilities: 

  1. Coordinate with MASN to promote conference in the Pipeline
  2. Coordinate with or directly use Cvent to email potential attendees 
  3. Determine mailing list for post card and other new advertisements ideas
  4. Advertise conference to KS, IL, and other state Networks


  1. Wow & Pizzazz – DECORATIONS 

Sub-Committee Responsibilities:

  1. Select centerpieces for tables
  2. Determine other room decorations
  3. Work with MASN to purchase supplies as needed
  4. Decorate stage, ballroom, and exhibit area
  5. Plan for post-event use or distribution of decorations



Sub-Committee Responsibilities:

  1. Coordinate Saturday Evening Entertainment (e.g., karaoke, video games, board games, etc.) to encourage socializing after returning from team dinners
  2. Prepare information about evening activities for the booklet 


  1. Wow & Pizzazz – DAYTIME FUN

Sub-Committee Responsibilities:

  1. Coordinate participants’ daytime events, entertainment, and fun (except Celebration Luncheon) such as button trading, scavenger hunts, prizes at meals, etc.
  2. Prepare information about daytime fun for the booklet




Sub-Committee Responsibilities:

  1. Solicit applications for presenters
  2. Help select presenters and assign times/rooms
  3. Send out confirmation letters and other information to the presenters
  4. Select thank you gifts for presenters and keynotes(s)
  5. Print titles and times of workshops for each room
  6. Assemble presenter packets (including facilitator information)
  7. Set up hospitality room for exhibitors and presenters
  8. Prepare descriptions of keynote and introduce or select someone to introduce the keynotes
  9. Send thank you notes and evaluation results to presenters following the conference



Sub-Committee Responsibilities:

  1. Solicit auction items from members, exhibitors and other community resources
  2. Design the procedures, process and time structure of the auction
  3. Prepare materials for bidding
  4. Set up items and collect proceeds from purchases
  5. Arrange for volunteers to monitor silent auction area, help “close” the bidding, and smoothly process payments



Sub-Committee Responsibilities:

  1. Contact potential exhibitors using resource list and contacts
  2. Coordinate exhibit hall space and ensure sufficient number of tables rented
  3. Follow up and confirm contact with exhibitors
  4. Monitor and staff exhibit area during conference to ensure all exhibitors needs are met
  5. Send thank you notes to exhibitors after the conference



Sub-Committee Responsibilities:

  1. Make the pre-conference special
  2. Determine cost for ALA and other pre-conference trainings
  3. Work with Afterschool Leadership Team to incorporate Missouri specific leadership opportunities into the presentation
  4. Plan an evening social for the ALA and Afterschool Leadership Team members



Sub-Committee Responsibilities:

  1. Make the celebration luncheon special
  2. Help to promote and recruit recognition recipients
  3. Prepare luncheon booklet including list of awardees and bios of Champions and Distinguished Service awardees



Sub-Committee Responsibilities:

  1. Plan for music at all general sessions
  2. Help general session presenters with AV
  3. Compile photos from conference into slideshows
  4. Run slideshows of photos, announcements, video contest winners, etc. in ballroom



Sub-Committee Responsibilities:

  1. Communicate with hotel about rooms paid for by MASN
  2. Send confirmation numbers to keynote speakers
  3. Send confirmation numbers to Afterschool Leadership Team members



Sub-Committee Responsibilities:

  1. Set up AV equipment on Friday
  2. Take down/inventory AV equipment on Sunday
  3. Be available during conference to help presenters with AV needs