Inspired by Afterschool

What?: Talks Inspired by Afterschool (Similar to TED Talks)

Why?: To hear from, and be inspired by, those in the field of afterschool in Missouri. The end goal of the talk is to spread an idea connected to afterschool.

When?: Sunday, November 4, in the final General Session of the 2018 MOSAC2 PDI.

How?: Apply to present a Talk Inspired By Afterschool by filling out the Inspired by Afterschool RFP here.


-Each talk will be seven to twelve minutes in length.

-The purpose of each talk is to spread an idea connected to afterschool.

-The goal is for you to give the talk that no one else can give. We are not looking for you to recreate someone else’s talk or communicate their information. We are looking for you to open yourself up to us and give us a perspective that is unique to you.

-The topic needs to be relevant to the world of afterschool. It can be inspired by your experience as a youth in afterschool or as an afterschool professional. It can be something that will inspire afterschool professionals to strive for more in their work with students. It can be an idea that pushes us further than we have gone. Whatever topic you choose for the content of your talk, you need to be able to bring it back and connect it to what we do in afterschool.

-Since the talk consists of you, on the stage, with no prompts, you will need to be able to deliver the talk without notes to lean on. This means you will practice, practice, practice the talk until you are comfortable with the content, the delivery, and the pacing. Once you think you have practiced enough, practice a little more.

-You will be coached through the process of creating and delivering the talk. Once accepted as a presenter, you will have several opportunities to meet virtually with a team of coaches who will help you refine your talk and sharpen your focus and delivery. There will be an opportunity to do a practice run on the stage the day before the presentations.

-Keep in mind, the audience wants you to give a successful talk. They are for you. When you step up to deliver your talk, remember that everyone in the room is pulling for you!

Examples of brief TED Talks (similar time frame to what we would be looking for): –Rita Pierson –Carol Dweck -Angela Duckworth