Core Competencies

Selecting Training Session Competencies from the

Kansas and Missouri Core Competencies for Early Childhood and Youth Development Professionals

Click here for a copy of the Core Competencies.

The Core Competencies provide a comprehensive list of the knowledge and skills that early childhood and youth development professionals need in order to provide quality experiences for children, youth, and their families.  From a trainer’s perspective, the competencies are similar to the purpose and objectives of the training.  DHSS approved clock-hour training sessions identify the specific core competencies that are being addressed in the workshop.

Each training should have at least one Core Competencies for Early Childhood and Youth Development Professionals statement that is selected based on the session objectives.  As a general rule, a training session should not average more than two core competencies per hour.  The broadly worded core competency statement may have several different training components (indicators/examples) that help to more fully communicate or practice the knowledge or skill covered in the competency, but it is difficult to cover more than 1-2 core competencies per hour with enough focus and detail to truly change the knowledge and behavior of the person attending the training.


Organization of the competencies:

Content Area – The Core Competencies are organized into eight Content Areas, each providing specific standards that help professionals learn to fully include children and youth with various ethnic, linguistic, and socio-economic backgrounds – as well as diverse needs and abilities.

Sub-Content Area – The Content Areas are divided into Sub-content Areas.

Level – Each Sub-content Area is divided into five levels of skills. These levels outline the knowledge essential in providing quality programming, and establishing a continuum from preliminary skills (Level 1) to an advanced level of skills (Level 5).

Letter – Finally, each specific competency within the level is marked with a letter.


When you select the core competency statements for the training you are submitting, please use the following format to note the item:  4.1.2.b (Content Area (dot) Sub-Content Area (dot) Level (dot) Letter).

Core Competencies structure image